Get yacht paint from the yacht paint specialist!

De Drait experienced yacht painters have been working with a number of top quality products for more than 40 years and have already acquired the necessary experience.

In this blog you will find advice for painting and applying antifouling to your boat. You will find product information and we indicate which additional materials you need. Below you will find our current spring promotions on the products of International, Epifanes and Hempel. With these measures you are able to enjoy your boat for a long time!

Advice from our marina

You can contact our marina to outsource your painting or antifouling job to us (read more here). Do you want to use the do-it-yourself hall at De Drait? Then you can take advantage of our favorable marina prices. In our water sports shop we sell various antifouling, primers and yacht varnishes. We offer these products at competitive prices. We use the usual discount for our bestsellers.

We are happy to give you solid advice before purchasing and we have a large stock. Below you will find an overview of our regular brands. Scroll down for our tips and the current promotional prices of our antifouling.


Various boat paints, which are also used for our own refits.


We use various International systems on the construction site and Awlgrip is used in the paint shop.

The IJssel

De Drait was one of the first companies in Friesland to opt for the use of the DD lacquer from De IJssel at a time when everyone was using Super Gloss. To date you can see these paint systems with high gloss and hard top layers.

Tenco and Hempel

We have been selling Tenco to our regular clientele for years. In recent years we have also added Hempel products to our range.

Apply antifouling

Applying antifouling is part of the annual maintenance of your boat. Antifouling is an anti-fouling paint and therefore reduces the growth of algae.
Antifouling is the top coat and is applied in combination with a primer or a prevention system. For new boats, therefore, a primer is applied first, after the underwater hull has been sanded and degreased. When the boat enters the water without a protective layer, the contamination will have to be removed later with a concentrated bottom cleaner. That is why we recommend providing new boats with an underwater system. Below we would like to explain more about the different types of antifouling:

Self-sharpening antifouling

Always sand and wipe lightly

This antifouling is applied annually. Avoid applying thick layers, so that no cracks are formed. Examples of the standard performance products are the International Micron LZ, Hempel Classic and Epifanes Copper Cruise. The shelf life is one season and these products are slightly self-sharpening.

High performance are International Cruiser One and Hempel Mille Xtra Medium / high performance, or the self-sharpening antifouling.

Hard antifouling

Sand well before applying a new coat

Multiple layers can fatigue the system and release the last layer of antifouling. This may also be due to insufficient adhesion. That is why our advice is always good sanding, applying a primer layer and only then the new antifouling. Hard antifoulings are for example: International Interspeed and Hempel Hard Racing Xtra

Blasting steel ships

Steel ships can be blasted. This often concerns ships older than 20 years. A new epoxy system is applied after blasting.

We sell the following primers:
International Interspeed and Hempel Light Primer
Hempel Underwaterprimer and International Primocon
International Gelshield and Hempel High Protect

What do you need for your job?

  • Antifouling can be applied with a special antifouling roller, but also with a foam roller.
  • Take good tape for a clean finish. We recommend masing gold tape. No antifouling creeps under this.
  • When possible, use a paint tray with a separate tray.

Special offers Antifouling


Micron LZ750 ml€ 41,20
 2,5 liter € 119
 5 liter€ 135
Interspeed750 ml€ 40,80
 2,5 liter€ 125
Cruiser One2,5 liter€ 105,70


Copper Cruise750 ml€ 39
 2,5 liter € 79,50
 5 liter € 149
Foul Away750 ml€ 41,20
Werdol kopervrij750 ml€ 29,70

Hempel antifouling

Classic750 ml€ 39 
 2,5 liter€ 84,50
 5 liter€ 139,50
Hard Racing750 ml€ 34,50
 2,5 liter€ 109,50
Mille NCT750 ml € 41,50
 2,5 liter€ 112,50 
Mille Extra 750 ml € 44,50
  2,5 liter€ 105,–
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