Winterstorage for your boat

Marina De Drait

Winterstorage for your boat

In the autumn, many people ensure that their boat is ready for the winter. Winterizing protects your boat against damage caused by winter weather conditions, such as frost. When spring arrives, your boat is safe and sound and you can sail the water with a good feeling.

The Drait preparation for the winter goes as follows:

  • First of all, we preserve the ship’s engine: that means that we fill it with anti-freeze. This fluid will stop the freezing of the engine when it’s getting colder. In the next step we check the frost protection in the engine’s cooling system.

  • Once you have drained the water tank yourself, our technicians blow air through the drinking water pipes and disconnect them. Unfortunately this task isn’t possible with every boat. In that case, we flush the pipes with special non-toxic antifreeze to prevent damage in the tank due to freezing. We also disconnect the mixers, as they are sensitive to freezing as well. Last we fill the pumps and toilets with antifreeze (mixed with water).

  • If the boat stays in the water during the winter, we ensure that the outside circuit of the boat is protected by antifreeze. We close the valve and fill it with antifreeze, this is important especially if the valve is broken. The risks of a leaky boat and wet feet are higher with a broken valve. If your boat is parked on shore, we open the valve so that the water can drain away.

  • The ship’s battery is filled with distilled water or stored in our battery storeroom.

Your boat is in good hands at De Drait

  • We hoist your boat and spraying it before we store it on
  • The marina is easily accessible from the A7 motorway, from the large Frisian waterways or from Northern Germany through the open sailing connection and Fixed Mast route (Staande Mastroute). 
  • Throughout the year, our qualified staff is maintaining boats. Not only our own charter fleet, but they also work on boats of private owners. As a result, our employees have a lot of experience and knowledge of what is needed for every job. 
  • We have water sports experience for over 35 years. 
  • Various service and maintenance options. 
  • Batteries can be stored in our battery shed. 


Covered winter storage

If you want to be sure that your boat is well protected in the winter, then our covered winter storage is the best option. At De Drait you can store your boat in the water as well as on land.

Winter storage in our isolated hall

You can store your boat dry in our isolated hall. We ensure that the boat is hoisted safely out of the water and we place it on a sturdy steel trestle. While the boat is in the crane, we spray the underwater hull clean. 

The rate for the storage in our isolated hall is € 47,50 per m² *. This rate includes:

  • Hoisting the boat out of and into the water
  • Hosing down underwater hull
  • Storage on the trestle
  • 2 x internal transport (moving the boat from the crane to the hall and back from the hall to the crane)
  • Rental of the trestle

Winter storage in the isolated boat houses

Would you prefer to leave your boat in the water during the winter season, but protect it from wind and bad weather? Then a mooring place in one of our boat houses is perfect!  These places offer extra convenience for the boat owner, thanks to the electric access doors and a power and water connection. 

From October 1st, you can store your boat in one of the boxes. From November 15th it is possible to store your boat in the hallway for a lower rate. 

Because we fill the hall, it is not possible to sail in and out during the winter period. If this is desired, please discuss this with us in advance. Then we will look at the options. 

Our rate for the storage in our boat houses / the water hall:

  • Water hall in the hall way (15-11 / 15-03) – € 24,- per square meter
  • Water hall in a box (01-10 / 01-04) – € 34,50 per square meter – On request
  • Water hall per month in the aisle – € 33 per m. boat length

Mooring in the water hall includes sailing in and out. These prices do not include the deposit for the access key (€ 45). This key can be picked up at the reception / water sports store during our opening hours.

Winter storage outside

In addition to the options for winter storage inside, we offer various winter storage places outside. 

Winter storage outside on a trestle

Outside on the shore we have several steel trestles for storing several motor yachts, (larger) sailing yachts, etc. This is our most economical option for winter storage. 

On request it is possible to get the boat out and in the water from 1 October to the 30th of April. From 1 May we charge a staged for onshore storage and covered storage (with the exception of permanent berth holders). De Drait can pass on additional handling costs and/or waiting time for winter storage and DIY. Additional space on request. Winter storage in the shed includes applying cover foil. The minimum rate for the boat on a ship’s trestle on shore is € 315 and € 495 in covered. Winter storage shed open during office/water sports shop opening hours.

Our rate for winter storage on a trestle is € 24,00 per m²*. This rate includes hoisting the boat out and into the water, hosing down underwater hull, storage on a trestle, 2x internal transport and the rental of the trestle. 

Outdoor storage

Storage on own trailer (without hoisting and washing): €15 per m². Storage for campers or caravans: €15 per m².

Winter storage outside in the water

You can also choose for a mooring place in our marina. Here you can let your boat overwinter at our sustainable floating jetties. You always have access to the boat, and you can quickly sail away to the Frisian lakes after the winter period. At our jetties you find connections for both electricity and water.

The rate of a mooring place at our floating jetties for the winter period is calculated based on the annual rate. The annual rates for a mooring place can be found here: Rates mooring places. For a berth outside in the water 01-11 / 01-04 we use the rates in the table below. After 01-04 the regular rate of the berth per month will be calculated.

If you have a mooring place in the marina on annual base from the 1st of April until the 31st of March, then we don’t charge extra costs for the winter period.

These prices do not include the deposit of the access key (€ 20), administration costs (€ 20,-). You can collect and activate this key at our reception/water sports store.

Prices are per month in the winter period between 01-11 / 01-04

Rate per month: € 6.00 per m²
Rate per winter season: € 18 per m²

Winter storage for sloops, small sailing boats and motor boats

Especially for sloops, small sailing boats and motorboats, we offer several winter storage possibilities. These are both in the water and on land. 

Sloop harbour

For the protection of sloops, smaller sailing, and motorboats we offer mooring places in two covered sloop harbours. These half open mooring places are suitable for boats up to 10 meters. These mooring places are secured with an electric gate, which one can open by making use of the access key.

The rate for a winter storage place in the covered sloop harbour per month between the 1st of October and the 1st of April: 

  • Max. dim. 6.80 x 2.10 m. (01-10 / 01-04) – € 400,-
  • Max. dim. 6.80 x 4.20 m. (01-10 / 01-04) – € 500,-
  • Max. dim. 10.00 x 3.00 m. (01-10 / 01-04) – € 750,-

These prices do not include the deposit of the access key (€ 20), administration costs (€ 20,-) and exclusive for ship houses a deposit of € 45. You can collect and activate this key at our reception/water sports store.

sloop storage inside

Rate includes hoisting work out and in the water, spraying underwater ship and
use special storage rack.

  • Sloop storage – € 47,50 per m²

On request in consultation out and in the water from October 1 to April 30.
From May 1th we will calculate stageld for the sloop storage (excluding fixed berth holders). The Drait can be extra for winter storage and do-it-yourself pass on handling costs and/or waiting time. Winter storage in the
shed is incl. applying cover film. The minimum rate for the sloop storage is € 495, with the exception of cradle (without hoists) per m². Winter storage shed open during office/water sports shop opening hours.

Mast storage

Would you like to store the mast of your boat separately from the boat, then this is possible in various ways. 

  • Mast storage: € 25,- per meter
  • Mast storage on the floor: € 46,50 per m²
  • Mast on boat – incl. rate winter storage

These prices are exclusive the trestle. 

Electricity and water

Water consumption (+/- 100 litres) – € 0,50

Power connection with kW meter per year (incl. 100 kW) – € 150,00

Power connection with kW meter per year (incl. 25 kW) – € 37,50

Power consumption >25/100 kW – € 0,90 per kWh

Daily rate electricity € 5,00

Power subscription 1x per month battery charging – € 75

Battery charging and storage during charging period – € 50 – Excl. disassembly and assembly on board.