Boat hoisting

Marina De Drait

Boat hoisting

Your boat on your own trailer and do you want to have it hoisted into the water? We have a sturdy 30T crane on our site! View the rates below.

Boat lifted out of the water

In some cases your boat has to be lifted out of the water, for example if maintenance and / or winter storage is needed. Every day, we hoist different types of ships and masts with the utmost precision. Our experienced staff does this with a sturdy 35T crane.


Price hoisting mast is excl. labor costs, dismantling and assembling and extra waiting time € 70.00. The mast can also be hoisted with owner: extra waiting time and assistance can be charged at any time.

Below you will find the rates for hoisting ships only. Different rates apply for towing during maintenance and/or winter storage.

Until 6 meter€ 75€ 30
From 6 meter€ 80€ 40
From 7 meter€ 90€ 60
From 8 meter€ 100€ 70
From 9 meter€ 125€ 80
From 10 meter€ 140€ 100
From 11 meter€ 185€ 120
From 12 meter€ 215€ 150
From 13 meter€ 270€ 170
From 14 meter€ 310€ 180
From 15 meter€ 350€ 200
From 16 meterOn requestOn request
Overview boat hoist rates



Boat 1 night in the crane

Boat length:Lifting rate:
Up to 8,00 meters€ 70
From 8.00 meters€ 90
From 10.00 meters€ 100
From 11.00 meters€ 110
From 12.00 meters€ 120
From 13.00 metersOn request

For one night in the crane in combination with the boat out of the water for inspection/work or from the winter storage in the water.

Mast hoisting:

Mast hoisting exclusive labor costs for disassembly/assembly and extra waiting time: Boats up to 8.00 meters € 100,00 | Boats up to 10.00 meters € 120,00 | Boats up to 12.00 meters € 140,00

The mast can also be hoisted in cooperation with the boat owner. Waiting time and assistance can be charged at any time.

Internal transports:

Moving boats/masts on shore per ¼ hour: € 40,00

Moving boats in the marina 2x ¼ hour (2 men): € 80,00

Using De Drait platform/ramp : € 10,00

De Drait Working quay  per day: € 20,00

Electricity per day: € 10,00

other information:

* To keep the boat in the crane for 1 daypart (for example for reparation or inspection), multiply the hoist rate by 1.5.

** For heavily contaminated ships (mussels, etc.) we charge € 25 euros per 15 minutes for spraying.

  • Working on the boat in the crane by our engineers: € 100 excl. VAT per hour.
  • Adjusting boat trailer: € 30 per 15 minutes.
  • Boat 1 half-day in the crane: rate hoisting x 150%
  • Boat 1 night in the crane before it goes into the water for treatment of stamping places, assembly, etc.: See rate list boat 1 night in the crane

Boat hoisting