Marina De Drait


Marina De Drait

Are you looking for a spacious berth in a beautiful and practical location? Then you’ve come to the right place! At our spacious marina on the edge of Drachten (Friesland) you will find more than 650 top-quality berths, suitable for every type of boat.

With an area of ​​about 11 hectares, the marina is spacious: you will find more than 500 open berths and more than 150 covered berths in places such as ship houses and sloop harbours. In addition, we offer all kinds of useful facilities, such as WiFi and power connections, toilets, showers, washing machines and dryers, various waste water pumps, a gas station and various yacht technology and maintenance services.

You can easily reach the marina from the A7 motorway, via the major Frisian waterways or from Northern Germany through the open sailing connection and Standing Mast Route.

Open berths

More than enough places for every type of boat

With over 500 spacious, open berths, there is always a place to park your boat in the open air. We offer a suitable place for every type of boat:

  • small boats take place at the so-called eco piers
  • boats from 7 to 15 meters are at the main jetties (2 meters wide) and finger piers (between 0.75 and 1.20 meters wide)
  • large yachts from 15 meters are anchored to extra strong jetties and heavy anchor piles
  • for house boats and catamarans we have enough places available at the M pier, with a spacing of 11 meters

Easy boarding and alighting and boarding and alighting

There is more than enough space between the main jetties and finger piers, making it easy to sail in and out. The jetties, made of top-quality aluminum and composite anti-slip planks, ensure that you can step in and out stably.

Covered berths

Would you like some extras for your boat? Then choose a place in our insulated, covered ship houses. These spacious water halls offer all the convenience for the boat owner: electric entrance doors and spacious boxes with a power and water connection.

Is your boat smaller than 10 meters? Then you can also choose to store your boat in one of our sloop harbours. This is specially built for protecting smaller boats, such as sloops, sailing or motor boats.


Besides the fact that you will find all kinds of useful facilities for boat owners at the marina itself, the center of Drachten – with more than enough supermarkets, shops and restaurants – is within cycling distance of the marina. Moreover, the marina borders on beautiful nature reserves, such as the De Alde Feanen National Park and special Frisian villages such as Eernewoude and Grou. In short: a spacious, green and at the same time practical environment.

Covered berths

Overview of all berths