Boat service

Marina De Drait

Boat service

Regular maintenance of your boat is crucial for keeping a great sailing experience. Our specialized yacht technicians can give your boat a service where it’s checked and updated where needed. Maintaining and repairing ships is something we have been doing daily, for years. Not only for our customers, but also for our own fleet of more than 80 ships. 

A service consists of changing the engine oil and checking the fuel system, the cooling water pump and the ship’s battery. Are there any parts that need to be replaced? We will always consult this with you first. 

Products & parts

For the maintenance of boats we only work with products and parts that gave us the best experiences and results. These are:

  • Kroon Oil for motor oil
  • Jabsco and Johnson impellers
  • Gas to Liquid fuel
  • Victron and Mastervolt loading equipment
  • Sjippie soap for cleaning products

We also sell many of these products in our watersports store.

Combine service with winterizing

Please use the yacht service application form to indicate what we could do for you. We will contact you as soon as possible with an obligation free quote.

Fresh and clean engine oil is important to ensure a smooth sailing experience. Even – or especially – with low sailing hours, when there is a greater chance of moist in the engine block that might form sludge (poor lubrication of the oil). We therefore always change the engine oil during maintenance. After that, we replace the oil filter. 


We test the fuel system and we replace the fuel filters. We then refuel the boat with fresh Gas to Liquid (GTL). This prevents moisture and therefore bacteria from getting into the fuel tank, which can cause damage to the engine.

We check the condition of the impeller in the pump and replace it if necessary. Our best experiences are with original Jabsco and Johnson impellers. For that reason, we have enough of such impellers in stock if a replacement is needed.


Finally, we will test the battery of the ship. If needed, our engineers can install and adjust all Victron and Mastervolt equipment.