Yacht Club De Drait membership

Marina De Drait

Yacht Club De Drait membership

The meeting place for our new De Drait Yacht Club is situated alongside the canals, at our marina in Drachten (Friesland, the Netherlands). This is the ideal place to meet other water- and nature lovers, to relax but also to do some focused work. 

As a Yacht Club de Drait member you are cordially invited to various activities that we organize (such as a grill night or one of our special ‘jetty drinks’). In addition, you can use the various facilities at the marina, such as the reception and meeting roomand terraces, and you will receive special De Drait member offers, such as a 5-ride sloop card for € 650. 

The membership of De Drait Yacht Club costs € 100 per year per person.

More information & registration

More information about the membership can be found on our yachtcharter site. Would you like to become a member of De Drait Yacht Club? You can contact us by e-mailing info@dedrait.com or calling 0512-513276. We look forward to meeting you at the marina!