Painting and antifouling

Marina De Drait

Painting and antifouling

Could your boat do with a complete painting and / or antifouling job? Our specialized yacht painters are happy to make an offer for applying antifouling or painting your boat.

Would you prefer something extra for your boat? You can also moor your boat in one of our insulated, covered ship houses. These spacious water halls offer all the convenience for the boat owner: electric entrance doors and spacious boxes with a power and water connection.

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Another possibility is to give the boat a so-called refit. In that case, we will renew your boat both internally and externally – for example because it is outdated or damaged. This renewal often consists of improving the technical condition of the boat, combined with a painting job. 

The rates for yacht painting and refits are on request. For enquiries, please contact us at We are happy to help you.

Applying antifouling price

Anti-fouling is a polyester resin that we apply to protect the boat from the growth of algae, shellfish, and barnacles. This keeps the ship smoother and reduces fuel consumption.

Up to 5 meters: € 300

From 5 meters: € 355

From 6 meters: € 450

From 7 meters: € 500

From 8 meters: Upon request

Price includes the cost for the antifouling.

Covered berths

Please find an overview of the berth rates