Installing a bow/stern thruster

Marina De Drait

Easier sailing with a bow or stern thruster

A bow or stern thruster makes sailing a lot easier. How? While sailing slowly, it enables you to make a weir beam to port- or starboard – thereby greatly improving the manoeuvrability of your boat. This is especially helpful when mooring or sailing away from locks or harbours, in busy areas or with a lot of wind.

A bow thruster is installed in the fore ship, a stern thruster in the stern. A combination of the two is also possible, making your boat even more flexible

Most of own fleet of about 80 rental boats have a bow and / or stern thruster – we know its convenience. Also, our engineers know better than anyone how to install these thrusters. We always opt for the most reliable installation with a separate fuse, main power switch and extra battery. This ensures maximum thrust.


Having a bow thruster installed does not have to take a long time – our engineers can install a complete bow thruster in a yacht within two days. The exact installation period and rates depend, among other things, on the type of boat and the type of bow thruster you’d like us to install. For more information and advice, please contact us by emailing We are happy to help you!


Installing a bow/stern thruster