Underwater ship: A lot of boats can stay in the water during winter. This is due to the fact that this is not an issue for some boats.

Nevertheless, we suggest to maintain the underwater ship regulary.

De Drait offers a lot of different possibiliies such as lifting a boat up to 30 tons. Afterwards, if needed, we place it on a trailer or on a hydraulic boat car in order to maintain it.

Cleaning the boat from the outside

After lifting the boat it is possible the clean the outside. We will do this with a high pressure cleaner. Therefore, attached shells will be removed.

Inspection of anodes and ships screw

Our team is always inspecting drive chains/ drives. To avoid vibrations it is important that the ships screw is balanced.

Anodes can avoid oxidation/ rusting. Would you like to replace your current anodes? In our watersport shop we have a lot of anodes in stock.

We will give non-binding advice about the quality of anodes.

Underwater ship

To avoid the growth of algaes we suggest antifouling on your underwater ship.

For ships in fresh water it is suggested to do so every year.

For ships in saltwater, it is suggested to apply antifouling once a year/ in two years. After a while antifouling decreases its effect. In our watersport shop we have different

brands such as Hempel, International and Epifanes in stock.

On steel yachts antifouling is not always applied.

Traditional ships usually have a strong components systems such as Tenco Coating, Interfill or Underwatercoating.

Ships with a recent year of construction mostly have epoxy coating. All epoxy systems should be sanded carefully and degreased before a new layer can be applied.

Our yacht painters are happy to advise you or to carry out different tasks.


You can find here our prices for lifting and storage.

For maintainance tasks we always offer a fixed price, whereas it is written down clearly what we are going do to and how we are going to perform the tasks.

We offer maintainance on private as well for the business market.