Since April 1st 2017 it is possible to tank Gas to Liquid, better known as GTL at “Jachthaven De Drait” in Drachten. GTL is a new liquid fuel that is created by putting natural gas under high pressure. Like many other gas stations by the water “De Drait” has decided not to sell anymore diesel to contribute to a cleaner environment.

GTL is suitable for all diesel engines. By using GTL the CO2-emissions are reduced and the engines have a cleaner combustion. GTL is biodegradable and is off better quality then diesel because there are no biocomponents added. This creates less condense in the fuel tank what will reduce the development of bacteria.

The rental fleet of Yachtcharter the Drait also tanks GTL on his home base. The 5 service cars of the Drait also use cleaner GTL fuel. By actively promoting GTL jachthaven de Drait wants to make water sportsmen enthusiastic about GTL. For more information you can contact us at or 0512-513276