Winter storage

Are you looking for a spacious, practical place to store your boat? You’ve come to the right place. Our spacious marina in Drachten (Friesland, the Netherlands) offers more than 900 spacious places for storing every type of boat: on shore or in the water. In addition, you will find all sorts of useful facilities, such as trailer ramps, a 30-ton crane and 50-ton trailer and several yacht technique and maintenance services

The marina is easily accessible from the A7 motorway, from the large Frisian waterways or from Northern Germany through the open sailing connection and Staande Mastroute (Fixed Mast route). 

Storage on shore

Winterstalling Jachthaven De Drait

All types of boats stored on sturdy, steel blocks.


Outside on shore, you can find several sturdy steel blocks. These are suitable for storing boats with different hull shapes, such as motor yachts, but also (larger) sailing yachts.

In an isolated hall

Would you prefer covered storage? You can also choose to store your boat indoor, on sturdy steel blocks in our insulated hall.


In addition to storage on shore, you can also choose to keep your boat in the water. At our marina you will find more than 500 open and more than 150 covered berths. For more information about berths, please view this page


On shore

  • Storage out on the shore: € 18,50 per m²
  • Storage ashore in an insulated shed: € 39,50 per m²

These rates include: 

  • Hoisting the boat out of and into the water
  • Hosing down the hull
  • Storage on the trestle
  • 2 x internal transport (moving the boat from the crane to the hall and back from the hall to the crane)
  • Rental of the trestle


You can find an overview of all rates for berths here.

Mast storage

  • Mast storage: € 10,- per meter
  • Mast storage on the floor: € 39,50 per m²
  • Mast storage on the boat: included in rate for winter storage
  • Mast hoisting with self-service: € 65,-*

* At an additional rate you can get more time and assistance with hoisting and (dis) assembling the mast. Please contact us for more information.

Request winter storage

Fill out the online request form and we will contact you as soon as possible with a non-binding offer.