(Winter) storage

Are you looking for a temporary place to store your boat? We hoist the boat – when necessary – out of the water and offer various options for storing the boat (and possibly mast) on land or in the water:

On land

On shore (outside)

Winterstalling Jachthaven De Drait

Boats stored on sturdy steel blocks

Outside on shore, you can find several sturdy steel blocks. These are suitable for storing boats with various hull forms, such as motor yachts, but also (larger) sailing yachts. 

Inside our insulated hall

Do you want to protect your boat against wind and weather? It is also possible to store your boat indoors in our insulated hall, on sturdy steel blocks.

  • Storage outside on shore: € 18.50 per m²
  • Storage on shore in an insulated hall: € 39 per m²

Rates include:

  • Hoisting the boat out of and into the water
  • Hosing
  • Storage on the trestle
  • 2 x internal transport (moving the boat from the crane to the hall and back from the hall to the crane)
  • Rental of the trestle

In the water


Ligplaatsen jachthaven De Drait nieuwe drijvende steigers

Open berths

At our marina you will find more than 500 berths to store your boat in the open air.


Stored in our insulated hall.

If you prefer something extra for your boat? Our insulated, indoor boathouses and water halls offer all the convenience for a boat owner: electric entrance doors and spacious boxes with electricity- and water connection. From November 15, it is also possible to store your boat in the ‘aisle’ of our boathouses. More information about the boathouses >>

  • Outdoor berth (1 October to 1 April): € 30 m / boat length
  • Boathouse – in box with jetty (1 October to 1 April): € 90 m/ boat length 
  • Boathouse – in aisle without jetty (15 November to 15 March): € 60 m/ boat length Boathouse per month: € 15 m / boat length
  • Open covered berth without door (6.80 x 2.10 m): € 180
  • Open covered berth without door (10 x 3 m): € 350

Indoor sloop harbour

We have built a special indoor harbour for the storage of sloops. This harbour offers space for sloops with a size of 6 to 10 meters. More information and rates >>

Mast storage

  • Mast storage € 10 per m.
  • Mast hoist with self-service € 60 *

* At additional rates, you can get more time and assistance with hoisting and (dis)assembling the mast. Get in touch with us for more information.

Request winter storage

Fill out the application form winter storage and we will contact you within one business day with an offer.