Yacht Service

The service department of the Drait consists of an Engineering Department and a painter Department. All installations can be built or repaired. Both engine and electrical equipment on board we can maintain and repair. The department of yacht painting has professional equipment and is very experienced. We can provide small repairs to complete refit. Our specialists are ready to repair your ship in top-condition. 

Rates Yacht Service: For sloops and flat-boats till 40 HP and max. 7 meters
Standard prices service and inboard engines 
Refreshing oil and new filters  € 100,00
Provide cooling-system of antifreeze € 40,00
Making it ready to sail € 40,00
Replacing Impeller € 40,00
Valve setting € 60,00
Making the drinking water system ready for the winter € 25,00
Making the toilet ready for the winter € 25,00
Making the holding tank ready for the winter € 25,00