Winter storage

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At our port area we offer different possibilities to store your boat, mobile home or caravan. It is possible to store your boat on shore, but we have also a special warm and isolated hall. Furthermore, you could store your ship in one of the boathouses. We offer special rates to store your sloop inside, in the isolated boathouse.
Caravans and mobile homes can be stored outside and upon request also in the isolated hallway (if space available).

Winter storage

Winter storage

Ashore inside or outside

Winter-storage on shore (outside) € 18,50 per m²
Winter-storage in the isolated hall € 39,00 per m²

Rates are including: boat lifting out and in the water, cleaning, storage , 2x internal transport, dock rental. 

From October you can make an appointment to lift your boat out of the water. Boats can be stored till 31 may.
In June we will charge extra tariffs for storing your boat.  (excl. long term customers)

The Drait has the ability to charge additional transaction costs and / or time for winter storage.


Nr 15 t/m 18


In the water

Berth outside (01-10/01-04)  € 30,00 x meter boat length 
Boathouse De Drait (15-11/15-03) in aisle without a pier € 60,00 x meter boat length

Boathouse De Drait  (01-10/01-04) berth with pier € 90,00 x meter boat lenght
Boathouse De Drait per month € 15,00 x meter boat length

Wooden covered berths, open in front (OW – 6.80 x 2.10 m.) € 180,00
Wooden covered berths, open in front (OV – 10.00 x 3.00 m.) € 350,00


Mast storage

Mast storage € 5,00 per meter
Winterstorage in the isolated hall is including mast storage.

Mast lifting with self activity € 60,00
Excluding manufacturing costs, (dis-) assemble and extra waiting time. Mast could also be lifted in cooperation with the boatowner: If needed, at any time there can be waiting time and costs for assistance calculated.[:]