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We would like to invite you to our boating days!

Come by and enjoy the boating day in Drachten at Saturday 18th April between 11:00 and 17:00 and in Brandenburg – Berlin at 25th April between 11:00 and 17:00.

Get on board and explore the versatile lay-out and equipment of our boats. Our experienced skippers will explain you everything about the boat and itineraries. You can even drive the boat by yourself. Do you want a more advanced course? We offer a 2 hour skipper training for just  € 90 at our boating day.

During the enjoyable day you will meet our team, who will answer all your questions. You can exchange boating experiences with other watersports fanatics with a drink and bite. We would love to help you plan your perfect boating holiday and give you elaborated information about Friesland and Brandenburg.

To top it off we will organise a cosy barbecue in Drachten and a buffet in Brandenburg. You don’t want to go home? That is not a problem, we can arrange an overnight stay in one of our yachts with breakfast included at our Captains Lounge.

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Boating Trials: Get on board with one of our experienced skippers and enjoy our motor yachts, house boats and sloops. You can even take a seat behind the steering wheel yourself.

Plan your boating holiday: Haven’t you decided yet which itinerary you want to follow? Do you want some advice for boating holidays? We would love to share our tips and tricks.

Fleet: Come by and have a look at our fleet and be surprised by our many layouts and equipment on our yachts. There is a suitable boat for any company, we will show you around in our yachts. The Bravoure 45 ‘Drait 74’ is new in our fleet in Drachten from 2020 and the Delphia Escape 1150 ´Delphin’ in Brandenburg. Also the Doerak 850 ‘South Pacific’ will be available in Brandenburg from the 15th of May.

Skippertraining: You don’t have any experience but you are curious to drive a boat? Do you got excited for your next boating holiday? Our skippers will show you the ways how to drive a boat. Few of the many topics are keeping course, how to moor a boat and some information about the technology used in the boats. Please read more about this here or sign up for our boating day.

Drachtster Sloop: Our Sloops are perfect for day rental, but you can also go camping in our campingsloops for multiple days to fully enjoy the nature. You can behold the Drachtster Sloop both in Drachten and Brandenburg.

Watersport: Please have a look at our Marina, Yachtbroker Marina or let us inform you about all our other activities.

*Based on availability


Signing up:

Do we see you at our boating days in Drachten at the 18th of April or in Brandenburg (Germany) at the 25th of April? Please sign up here for free


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