Rates 2019

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Marina De Drait has a lot of possibilities for your berth. A great part of the marina has open berths. These floating docks are wide and comfortable and are suitable for boats between 3 and 20m. Next to the open ones there are also half roofed boathouses, which are equipped with soalr panels. All berths are locked with a railing. You will receive your own key. Furthermore, there are water- and power supplies on most docks. 

Beneath you can find a link which will lead you to the map of the marina including its rates. There, you can also find all berth and prices, which also show you the overall measurements of the box. The actual rates are dependent on the lenght of the boat. 

Flexible rates

At Marina De Drait it is also possible to book a berth according to a flexible rate. Therefore, the period of your rate begins when you decide to berth here. That makes a flexible and fair rate possible.

Benefits Marina De DraitVoordelen Jachthaven De Drait

– Marina De Drait is close to the open waterways. There are no bridges or sluices, which makes popluar watersport places like Grou, Sneek, Lemmer, Leeuwarden and even Groningen always easy to reach.
– Due to the open waterways your boating season is longer. As soon as the weather conditions are good enough, you can start boating.
– National Park De Alde Feanen is only a stone throw away. Within an hour you can reach this beautiful area.
– Luxurious water- and power supplies on the swimming docks.
– Wifi for free
– Parking is for free
– Beneficial and transparent rates. A berth for a year is really counting for one year, beginning from the day you start berthing here.
– All year open
– All equipments and services are under one roof. From sloping to sanitary equipping and winter storage to maintainance and reparations. 
– Central in the Green heart of Friesland
– Due to a new spacious layout, it is easy to berh your boat in one of the boxes.
– From Marina De Drait there are couple of different junctions for (mountain-)bikes and hikingroutes. Furthermore, there is also a dog-friendly area, where your pet can run freely right at the opposite site of th Marina. This path goes right next to the river De Drait.