Boat hoisting

In some cases your boat has to be lifted out of the water, for example if maintenance and / or winter storage is needed. Every day, we hoist different types of ships and masts with the utmost precision. Our experienced staff does this with a sturdy 35T crane.


The sturdy 35T crane

Below, you will find the rates for hoisting ships and masts. Prices are excl. labor costs, dismantling and assembling and extra waiting time € 60.00. The mast can also be hoisted with owner: extra waiting time and assistance can be charged at any time.

Size boat Hoisting* Spraying the draught**
up to 6.00 meter 60€ 20€
7.00 m 65€ 25€
8.00 m 75€ 35€
9.00 m 85€ 50ê
10.00 m 100€ 65€
11.00 m 120€ 85€
12.00 m 165€ 110€
13.00 m 195€ 140€
14.00 m 230€ 150€
15.00 m 270€ 160€

* To keep the boat in the crane for 1 daypart (for example for reparation or inspection), multiply the hoist rate by 1.5.

  • Working on the boat in the crane by our engineers: € 65 excl. VAT per hour. 
  • Contribution crane: € 40 incl. VAT.
  • Adjusting boat trailer: € 25 per 15 minutes.

** For heavily contaminated ships (mussels, etc.) we charge 25 euros per 15 minutes for spraying.

Internal transport
Move boats/masts on shore per 15 minutes €30
Moving boats on shore per 15 minutes (2 people required) €60
Use of the ramp De Drait per hour €10

Request hoisting

For storing and hoisting your boat, you can fill out the online request form. Do you have other questions? Please contact us.