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Wartung Unterwasserschiff 2018

Maintainance of underwater ship

Underwater ship: A lot of boats can stay in the water during winter. This is due to the fact that this is not an issue for some boats. Nevertheless, we suggest to maintain the underwater ship regulary. De Drait offers a lot of different possibiliies such as lifting a boat up to 30 tons. Afterwards, …

Smart Mets 2019

Mets Trade Show Amsterdam

From the 13th until the 15th of November a lot of different international yacht builder and suppliers gathered at METS. De Drait was attending METS in order to receive information about possibilities in SMART- developments for our fleet. In 2019 we will start with a pilot project. As the owner of the renting fleet of …


Winter storage

Winter storage: The weather is great and the sun in shining. Autumn colors are breathtaking and perfectly lend themselves to be painted or photographed. Theres no better place to fully enjoy this time of year than comfortably sailing your boat.  Still, a lot of watersports enthusiasts are already looking for a place to safely store …

GTL (Gas to Liquid)

Gas to Liquid

Since April 1st 2017 it is possible to tank Gas to Liquid, better known as GTL at “Jachthaven De Drait” in Drachten. GTL is a new liquid fuel that is created by putting natural gas under high pressure. Like many other gas stations by the water “De Drait” has decided not to sell anymore diesel to contribute to …