Boat and bicycle rental

From our marina in Drachten we rent out boats, canoes and SUPs for the (aspiring) water sports enthusiast. Prefer to discover land? You can also rent bicycles with us. For example to take on board, but also to cycle beautiful cycling routes around our marina.

You can find more information about renting boats and bicycles on the websites below. 

Day rental of sloops, canoes, SUPs and bicycle rental

Would you like to sail for a day with a sloop on the Frisian waters? Or are you looking to explore the Frisian waters by canoe or SUP? On you will find more information about day rental possibilities of sloops, canoes and SUPs from our marina in Drachten. Here, you can also find more information about bicycle rental. 

Boat rental for longer periods 

Are you looking for a special holiday? Rent a boat! From our marina in Friesland (and Brandenburg, DE) we rent out different types of boats for a wonderful sailing holiday. For beginning and advanced skippers, including extensive instruction and advice in advance. Have a look at for more information.