Canoeing/Stand up paddling


Beautiful waters to enjoy sporty canoeing. By canoe, you can experience even more the beauty of nature. It is sporty, soothing, but especially adventurous. This is a great way to paddle from Drachten to National Park ”De Alde Feanen” and the beautiful lakes ”De Leijen” and ”Bergumermeer”.
With a canoe you will experience nature at its best, because you can get to places where other boats can’t come.

Prices canoes per day;

Canoe for 1 person: 20 €
Canoe for 2 persons: 25 €
Canadian canoe: 30 €


Sup-LeeuwardenStand up paddling

Stand up paddling is a form of surfing on a surfboard. Instead of regular surfing, you can stand on the board and paddle away. Experience this new water sports craze enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Drachten (Holland).
Price for a SUP-board per day;

SUP-board: 20 €


Deposit for a canoe or SUP-board is 20 €